A Research Perspective on Data-Driven Marketing 


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    Did you know that, by 2020, it is predicted the world will generate 50X more data and 75X more sources of data? This makes data integration and obtaining relevant insights even more critical to those who seek to achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

    Marketers and researchers need to begin by taming the proliferation of data, integrating the “right” data across data silos, and gaining deeper insights of their audience’s attitudes and behavior to optimize strategy and execute activation. Easier said than done - so where do you begin?

    This eBook examines how you can make smarter, data-driven decisions, faster, and deliver tangible results through quickly and cost-effectively identifying and surveying your ideal audiences by integrating multiple data sources. Additionally, we will take you through three use cases across different verticals to give examples of how data integration can make an impact on your market research and marketing execution.

    Whether you are a marketer, researcher, or an agency who conducts market research, integrated data based on primary research data can help you gain a clearer, integrated, and 360-degree view of your customers and prospects.

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