Research Now Marketplace™ automated research

Execute high-quality reliable studies faster than traditional research methods with Research Now Marketplace™ automated research, a templated suite of surveys created to provide fast, affordable decision making guidance on common, but important market research topics.

  • Fast, affordable and dependable answers
  • Fielded against the industry’s largest, highest quality audience
  • All studies are reviewed and overseen by an experienced market researcher
  • Backed by Research Now, the most respected name in market research data collection


Concept Test


Evaluate consumer response to your new product, service, or advertising idea prior to launch.

Why run this type of study?
  • Evaluate concept viability before introduction
  • Test product names and descriptions
  • Optimize advertising and communications content
  • Gain insight into positioning against competitors
  • Ensure product fits within current brand perception
What does it measure?
  • Current usage and familiarity of similar products
  • Attitudes about concept (appeal, purchase intent, uniqueness, name fit)
  • Other key descriptors (believability, relevance, importance)
  • Evaluation of concept verbiage (headline, sub-head, copy, etc.)

Brand Health


Track brand awareness and consumer loyalty for your brand(s) vs. your competitors' brands.

Why run this type of study?
  • Evaluate brand loyalty and compares across competitors
  • Determine brand positioning
  • Measure changes to brand health over time
  • Measure success (or failure) of marketing activities over time
  • Get feedback on customer experience and satisfaction and measure changes over time
What does it measure?
  • Familiarity with your category, your brand and your competitors' brands
  • Brand usage
  • Attitudes toward your brand (likelihood to recommend, satisfaction, etc.)
  • Purchase intent

Attitude & Usage


Understand changes in consumer attitudes, awareness, and usage levels for a product category or specific brand.

Why run this type of study?
  • Measure impact of marketing activity on awareness and familiarity
  • Monitor overall brand/product health trends
  • Determine size of market and share of wallet
  • Identify purchase drivers (likes/dislikes) of brand
  • Evaluate effectiveness of various media channels for communicating brand information
What does it measure?
  • Familiarity with your category, your brand and your competitors' brands
  • Frequency of use, share of spend and intent to purchase your category/brand
  • Brand performance across key metrics (quality, appeal, uniqueness, value, availability, packaging, etc.)
  • Characteristics consumers like and dislike about your brand
  • Effectiveness of different media channels in communicating brand information

Creative Test


Determine the level of understanding, impact, awareness, and credibility that your creative (ad, copy, image, video, etc.) generates.

Why run this type of study?
  • Measure consumer response to and perception of specific creative media and messaging
  • Understand how consumers react to your creative
  • Ensure your creative delivers your intended message
  • Test multiple creative concepts to see which is most effective
What does it measure?
  • Consumer interpretation of creative and corresponding messaging
  • Communication effectiveness of intended messaging
  • Cohesiveness of different components of the creative stimulus (e.g., storyline, tagline, message)
  • Respondent personality question

Share of Wallet


Measure usage and amount of consumer spend on a specific product category and how that spend is allocated between your and your competitors' products.

Why run this type of study?
  • Determine market size and potential growth (historical spend vs. future spend)
  • Track effectiveness of marketing activities across various demographics and other key customer groups
  • Determine purchase drivers of a product / brand
  • Track shifting spending habits
What does it measure?
  • Familiarity with your category, your brand and your competitors' brands
  • Frequency of use, share of spend and intent to purchase your category/brand
  • Brand preferences and satisfaction
  • Top purchase drivers

Customer Satisfaction


Determine if your product fulfills your customer's expectations and what influences their perception of your product.

Why run this type of study?
  • Understand how customers rate their experience interacting with your product/brand
  • Measure which customers are happy or unhappy with your product (and why!)
  • Track customer feedback on recent purchasing experiences
  • Uncover which product attributes your customers deem important
What does it measure?
  • Product/Brand satisfaction and likelihood to recommend
  • Purchase, consumption, and usage behavior of your product
  • Relative importance of product attributes
  • Recent purchasing experience

Employee Culture


Measure culture health at your organization and the overall satisfaction of your employees.

Why run this type of study?
  • Measure organizational values and how key issues impact employees
  • Track changes in employee satisfaction over time
  • Identify greatest areas of opportunity for improvement in cultural health
What does it measure?
  • Employee morale
  • Opinions on career growth and development
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Compensation and benefits

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More questions? Find answers here.

Marketplace automated research is a templated suite of surveys created to provide fast, affordable decision making guidance on common, but important market research topics.

Marketplace automated research targets a number of common market research topics for which the execution of the study and interpretation of the results is highly standardized and straightforward. For these types of studies, traditional custom market research is simply too costly and time-consuming. The result is that business managers are often unable to conduct the research and instead must rely on intuition and experience alone. marketplace automated research solves this problem by delivering the business decision making confidence of objective, high-quality market research at a price and speed required by these common business topics.

In marketplace automated research, Research Now has designed a suite of solutions that streamline the research process, from project design to audience selection to reporting, and incorporate best practices we’ve learned over our 15 years of serving thousands of clients. One aspect of this process we don’t streamline, however, is our commitment to client service. As such, our client representatives are involved during your entire project to ensure every Marketplace automated research study meets your research objectives.

We’ve designed Marketplace automated research to be intuitive for everyone who needs data to support business decisions, from the savviest methodological expert to the non-researcher. Brand managers, small business owners, customer insights teams, and anyone else who wants to better know their customers are ideally suited to use these solutions.

Marketplace automated research is broadly centered around the product (or services) lifecycle so you can get answers to assist in product development, branding, pricing, and marketing. Our solutions are also helpful in scoping out competitive intelligence within your market. In short, if you need your customer’s feedback on your product, service, or brand (as well as those of your competitors), Marketplace automated research is a great fit for you.

We’ve designed online reporting dashboards that allow you to easily understand and analyze your data. Our goal was to anticipate the types of insights you’re wanting out of your study and to automatically organize and analyze your results so you can easily interpret the data. Of course, you’ll be able to download the results into Excel for easy export, and we can also send you the raw data set for additional analysis.

Beginning a study is as simple as filling out and submitting a form with a few basic questions. This automatically begins a process that sets up your study, selects an appropriate audience, fields the study, and collects and summarizes the results. Typically, we can have your results ready within 2-5 days.

Our starting prices include everything you need to run a successful study, from project setup to reporting and everything in between. We’ve automated much of the process to drive down our costs, and we’re passing on those savings to you. However, one thing we won’t automate is our industry-leading client service. You will have our research experts guiding your project the entire way so you can feel confident that you’re receiving high quality results that meet your research needs.

Included in the starting price is a standard audience of 150 respondents that are representative of the national population. If you need more than 150 respondents or respondents with special profiles, you can access any audience you need at an additional charge through our world-class global panels – just let us know who you want to reach!

Marketplace automated research is fully integrated with Research Now's industry-leading global panels. Spanning 38 countries, our panels consist of over 6.5 million active, highly profiled respondents who have have agreed to provide data for market research projects. Our respondents include consumers, business decision makers, healthcare professionals, caregivers and patient target groups.

Let us know your audience needs and our experts will tailor your project so you can reach the people who really matter.

Yes, we support, French Canadian, US Spanish, Italian, French and German.  In addition, we provide localized English translations for UK and Canada.  If you need support for another language, a Research Now professional can help!

Every project is tailored to address your specific product, brand, or market… otherwise, the data wouldn't be very helpful! That said, we've purposely designed these solutions to be "off the shelf" so you can quickly and cost-effectively get the answers you need.

If you do have custom research needs outside the scope of Marketplace automated research, please give us a call – we can certainly help. After all, we run custom research projects for thousands of clients every year.

Conducting successful market research has some subtleties. To ensure you get answers you can depend on, we have devised a supervised automated research methodology that is unique in the industry. While the system is automated, we insert checkpoints at which highly experienced professional market researchers at Research Now review surveys, guide audience selection, and monitor the study progression.

Your interaction with us will be easy, quick, and painless. By entering your project-specific information through our website, we can arrange all the details before we reach out to you. At that point, it’s a simple matter of quickly confirming your research objectives with you before your study is fielded.

Marketplace automated research is a growing family of automated research solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to see if a study for your topic is about to be introduced. Regardless, Research Now has conducted hundreds of thousands of market research studies on nearly every topic imaginable. Our professional researchers and vast network of market research partners can propose a solution that’s right for you.

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