Market Research Agencies


Optimize your research by turning data into actionable insights without sacrificing quality, speed and scale

Finding the right research partner to uncover niche audience needs has become increasingly challenging for market researchers due to the wealth of data and emerging technologies that are readily available.

By partnering with Research Now, you can deliver the most effective results to your clients

Highly-Profiled Global Panels

Access B2B, B2C and hard-to-reach audiences through Research Now’s highly-profiled global panels with verified consumers, business professionals, and healthcare audiences. Panel partners include loyalists from major brands and publishers

Dependable Data Solutions

Minimize risk with dependable, comprehensive data solutions and ensure your sample selection is on target

Survey Research

Leverage survey research to assess brand awareness, purchase behaviors, customer satisfaction, opportunities for growth, competitive positioning, and more

Robust View of Data

Create a more robust, 360° view of your data by collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data in real time to ensure accurate findings for strategic and creative insights

Benefit from consultation with our experts for the best solution to meet your objectives

Dedicated Team

Teams with expertise in key industries help you create customized, flexible, and high-quality solutions that meet you and your clients’ business objectives

Best Practices

Guidance on surveying best practices, questionnaire design, sample optimization, and through survey programming and fielding

Global Support

Time-zone support across the globe, feasibility checks, and expedited fielding timelines with daily updates on fieldwork

Draw deeper insights from quality data for better business decisions

  • Proven high-quality panel enrollment through unique recruitment methodologies with ongoing verification checks to prevent fraud and bias
  • Industry-leading incentive model for panel members and continuous profile monitoring ensures highly-engaged respondents and the ability to collect more desirable data

Accelerate market research with quick-turn results

Efficient solutions utilizing various research methodologies from mobile survey optimization, to DIY, and automated tools

Real-time access to data and reporting through user-friendly dashboards with data visualization