Hedge Funds


Identify and test new investment theses and sector themes by leveraging custom data from global survey research

Research Now understands the quick-turn needs of institutional investors. Our experienced teams partner with portfolio managers, analysts and data scientists to provide customized market intelligence across business categories such as CPG, retail, business services, technology, healthcare.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

As the established global experts in research data and services, we provide comprehensive data solutions across markets as varied as B2B, B2C, healthcare and other hard-to-reach audiences so you can build data-driven strategies for better decisions and better results.

Access to Audiences

Gain access to the full value chain using our global, highly-profiled consumers, business professionals, and healthcare audiences

Evaluate Landscapes

Evaluate and monitor competitive landscapes

Track Leading Indicators

Continuously track leading indicators that affect performance of prospective and current investments

Benefit from consultation with our experts for the best solution to meet your objectives

Team of Experts

Expert team of relationship managers, researchers and programmers focused on supporting investment firms

Best Practices

Consulting on surveying best practices and guidance through survey programming and fielding

Global Support

Time-zone support across the globe, including additional weekend and evening support

Draw deeper insights from quality data for better business decisions

  • Proven high-quality panel enrollment through unique recruitment methodologies with ongoing verification checks to prevent fraud and bias
  • Industry-leading incentive model for panel members and continuous profile monitoring ensures highly-engaged respondents and the ability to collect more desirable data

Accelerate market research with quick-turn results

Fast Survey Process

Survey process from start to finish averages five to seven days

Real-Time Reporting

Access to real-time data and reporting through user-friendly dashboards with data visualization

Daily Updates

Expedited fielding timelines with daily updates on fieldwork