Maximize revenue potential and gain a competitive advantage by connecting with millions of deeply-profiled patients and healthcare professionals worldwide

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have seen a steady influx of innovative products and services covering biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and other drugs. When it comes to market research in these industries, opinions need to be obtained from people who really matter – like physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and competitors – in order to understand emerging trends and gain a competitive advantage.

Dedicated healthcare research professionals

Through understanding the unique challenges of healthcare research, we have an established team of experienced professionals that are dedicated to managing your healthcare projects to ensure you receive the quality data your research relies on.

Targeting patients and consumers

Whether you are targeting specific segments of the market or are wanting to learn how a new product or service will be received by your target consumers, we can connect you to millions of deeply profiled patients to better understand the attitudes, values, and beliefs consumers have when it comes to their health. By using detailed targeting information to identify what medical conditions and ailments our panel members suffer from, and continually refreshing member profiles, we can deliver the targeting you need.

Reach Deeply-Profiled Patients

Identify Medical Conditions and Ailments

Trust Continually Refreshing Member Profiles

Targeting physicians and healthcare professionals

Reaching the physician and healthcare professional market can be challenging. With access to more than 180,000 physicians, nurses, payers, and non-physicians via our medical market research panel, we can help you get the healthcare research solutions you need. Our data verification processes guarantee the validity of a doctor’s practicing status and ensure the quality of your healthcare market research.

Access To
Healthcare Professionals

Qualitative Research Solutions

Qualitative Capabilities
  • Telephone In-Depth Interviews (TIDIs/TDIs)
  • Pre and Post Testing for Online Surveys Conducted via Phone and/or Web-Enabled
Recruitment Methodologies
  • Research Now Recruits, Schedules and Confirms
  • Research Now Recruits, You Schedule and Confirm
  • Custom Recruiting and Moderation

Industry Involvement

We are deeply involved in the healthcare research industry and are strongly committed to delivering the best data quality. We have relationships with healthcare associations around the world: