Consumer Packaged Goods


Enhance your brand-marketing research to understand the why behind the buy and stay ahead of the competition

CPG manufacturers need rich, actionable insights from consumers in order to gather feedback throughout the shopper journey and maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In today’s market, CPG marketers have access to more data than ever before and can leverage this vast quantity of information to target the right consumers, in the right way, during their demand moments.

As the established global experts in research data and services to drive powerful insights, Research Now can offer a range of market research solutions designed to help you gain a competitive advantage.

  • Leverage survey research to assess brand awareness, purchase behaviors, customer satisfaction, opportunities for growth, competitive positioning, and more
  • Reduce uncertainty and minimize time and resources through concept testing, message testing, and brand consumption utilizing powerful dashboard reporting
  • Understand consumer behavior and measure brand value through the eyes of the consumer

Uncover unique insight into shopper behavior

Leverage brand, category, and purchase propensity so you can achieve deeper analytics and better attitudinal-based insights. By appending Research Now’s consumer panelists with a third-party dataset, such as IRI ProScores™, you can gain access to actual purchase behavior, the ability to predict which retailers will be shopped, and quickly find target consumers without having to ask laborious screen questions.

Access Actual
Purchase Behavior

Predict Which Retailers Will Be Shopped

Quickly Find Target Customers

Eliminate Laborious Screen Questions

Understand what impacts in-store purchase decisions

Conduct quantitative and qualitative research when and where it matters most. See what the shopper sees by utilizing mobile technology to collect images in store and discover factors impacting selection at shelf, purchase drivers, barriers to purchase, resonance with packaging and branding, and consumption occasions. Survey consumers across three phases of the shopping journey – pre-shop, in-store, and post-shop – so you can collect timely and relevant feedback.




Accelerate market research with fast results

Let us do the heavy lifting while you save time and money. Our automated research solutions enable streamlined, quick-turn data collection of reliable customer satisfaction, attitude and usage, brand health, and share of wallet studies. Our real-time, user-friendly dashboard allows data visualization and reporting to be accessible in days, not weeks, and is perfect for projects with limited budgets.

Streamlined, Quick-Turn Data Collection

Real-Time, User-Friendly Dashboards

Reporting Accessible in Days, Not Weeks

Perfect for Projects with Limited Budgets

Evaluate advertising campaigns

Optimize and measure the impact of your advertising campaigns across multiple devices with the advanced ability to connect to a single individual. Assess the performance of key brand metrics such as unaided and aided brand awareness, brand familiarity, online ad awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, and brand perception using our interactive reporting dashboard. Research Now’s ad measurement and effectiveness solutions make it easier to evaluate whether your advertising campaigns are effective and, as a result, maximize marketing ROI.

Measure Performance of Key Brand Metrics

Access Interactive Reporting Dashboard

Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness

Maximize Marketing ROI